The Online Guide for Email Marketing Resources

April 26, 2010
I am often looking for best practices, reports and other resources on email marketing and end up exchanging what I have written down on pieces of paper with other marketers at conferences or online, so I’ve decided to publish here my entire list of resources I found on the web for all things “email marketing”.

This is a good list but not meant to be all inclusive, I am definitely missing a few good sites. Please let me know which ones you think should be included and I’ll update this resource page.

Articles, Best Practices, Links About Email Marketing
Email Benchmarks and Industry Statistics (mostly free)
Notable Email Marketing Blogs
Blogs worth checking out, both from vendors and independent sources (in no particular order):
Email Marketing Training
The following are some training programs on email marketing. Note that some are paid. Email marketing vendors and ESP (Email Service Providers) sometimes have good free online training on their sites that although usually slanted towards their offerings can give newbies a good overview of the basics.
Conferences and Events
Although there are many marketing conferences out there, very few focus almost exclusively on email marketing. Below are the few that stand out.
Email Marketing Vendors
Below are the most well known email marketing vendors listed in alphabetical order.

Did I miss any good resource you’d recommend? Let me know!

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