The best thing about public speaking is the opportunity to exchange ideas in a forum where everyone has the same goal: to learn more. My style is conversational and instigating. I like to get people thinking, not just sit there and listen to what I have to say.  Lectures won’t take you anywhere, discussions are the best part of any presentation and so I make that the central point, giving the audience food for thought at every step and getting them to voice their opinions.

I’ve presented to small groups of 10 people up to large audiences of 300. My favorite topics involve marketing, technology, and how businesses can better leverage both for competitive advantage. Regardless of the length of my presentation I like to spice it up with some humor. People learn better when they laugh and it makes for a more engaging venue.

Some of my recent speaking gigs are below. If you’d like to learn more or want me to speak at your company/event, just contact me.

Daniel Kuperman Pecha Kucha Competition

Daniel Kuperman speaking at BOS2009 - photo by John of Austi

  • Redefining Email Strategy and Processes – (Panel Discussion) 2011 Power of eMarketing Conference
  • Marketing Strategies for Software Success (Pecha Kucha competition) – Business of Software Conference 2009
  • But MY Project Isn’t Like That – Innovative Ideas to Solve Today’s Business Problems (Panel Discussion) – 2009 PMI Tampa Bay Symposium
  • The Email Marketing Vendor Selection Process – 2008 MarketingSherpa Email Marketing Summit
  • IT Job Outlook and Resume and Interview Tips – University of South Florida (USF)
  • Project Management Panel Discussion – Bentley University
  • Strategy workshop and discussion w/ Keyspan Energy executive team – Bentley University

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