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Daniel KupermanThe Effective Marketer Blog was created by Daniel Kuperman way back in January of 2009 while he was the Director of Marketing for a B2B software company. He is currently working at Snowflake as Director of Product Marketing. This blog is his personal views and opinions on all things Marketing and does not represent or is endorsed by Snowflake in any way.

His love to read all things marketing led him to become the organizer of the now-defunct San Francisco Marketing Book Club (www.meetup.com/the-san-francisco-marketing-book-club). Daniel strives to become a more effective marketer by reading, executing, discussing, and evaluating marketing strategies, tools, and campaigns. This Blog is an attempt to bring to light issues and resources that can be used by marketers in any industry aiming to get better at what they do.

Read, discuss, share, and become a more effective marketer. That’s the goal of this blog.

Daniel’s other blogs:


Daniel has written articles and whitepapers on technology, marketing, and similar subjects. Below are a few you can find online:

Contact: You can reach Daniel at dkuperman at gmail dot com, follow him on Twitter (@danielkuperman), or connect on LinkedIn.

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