5 Responses to 6 Content Marketing Channels Missing From Your Plan

  1. Good call! This sort of stuff is absolutely easy. I’ve always considered these brand building opportunities but yeah, it’s not that easy to switch out any of these so you can easily just switch them out for quality info.

    I like the hold music one the best. My cable company has a short instruction on how to reset your box… I assume that is probably the most common issue they hear.

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  3. Thanks! Yeah, the whole ‘on hold music’ thing is probably one of the easiest to pull off, problem is that this kind of stuff usually is not on the radar of marketing plans because… it’s always been that way!

    These are just some low-hanging fruits, there are other ways to distribute content that we haven’t talked about. The whole idea is that sometimes you have to think beyond what everyone else is doing and come up with ways to leverage channels you already own.

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  5. Shelly says:

    For the 6th channel, I would say when the customer is actively purchasing products with you or engaging with your brand or website, this customer is actually in the active customer lift cycle.

    We should use confirmation emails to increase customer value. http://emailmarketing.comm100.com/email-marketing-ebook/active-customer.aspx

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